In the summer of 2014, Storybook creator and seasoned performer Casey Fortuno decided to put a long time dream into action.  Combining her love of music, performance, costuming and children...Storybook was born. From one small apartment closet, her only dress was worn to it's first party and from that day forward her life was never going to be the same.

Storybook quickly took life growing from one dress to over 160 different handmade, custom costumes. Casey brought aboard her mother whom is their master seamstress and together they create each unique piece by hand.  Not only does Casey put endless hours into creating their pieces, but she also singlehandedly runs Storybook, does the web design, takes the photos, does the marketing, the books and even dresses up for the occasional party! 

With now over 75 actors and actresses on their roster, Storybook has grown by leaps in bounds and is now expanding into other areas such as face painting, balloon twisting , dancers, singers and characters for all types of themed events.